Dr Sarah Nicholson

“As philosopher David Hume explained, witnesses are necessary in all societies when it comes to important vows.  The reason is that it’s not possible to tell whether a person is telling the truth or lying when he speaks a promise.  The speaker may have, as Hume called it, “a secret[...]


Wise speech

Since, I’m focused on moving my way through thinking deeply about ethics and commitment to them, with the Buddhist precepts as a guide, it was a blessing to find Shahara Godfrey speaking at the San Francisco very beautiful Zen center last night. Shahara spoke on wise speech as life long[...]

I’ve been reflecting on the experience of the Women’s Integral retreat which ran in Bali in March this year, and some of the key themes that arose between us, such as finding our voice and our passions, and being in community with other women, and how we’ll be working with[...]