“Neither God nor Goddess: Why women need an archetype of the Self”

This article discusses some of feminist theory’s most prominent scholars of religion, addresses the shortcomings of feminism, and advocates for a women’s spirituality that is more deeply integral while also seeking to ensure that the history of feminist religious theory is included in integral religious discourse. While feminist theologians reacted to issues of male dominant symbolism in religion by creating a strategic dualism that places the Goddess on top, I utilize adult developmental studies in order to propose the creation of a uniquely female archetype of the Self for women.

Journal of Integral Theory and Practice.Volume 7, Number 2: June 2012


“The Problem of Woman as Hero in the Work of Joseph Campbell”

Through the frame of the Sumerian myth of Inanna, this essay explores Joseph Campbell’s body of work on the hero’s journey and living mythology. Particular focus is placed on examining both the place of woman as hero and the symbol of woman for the (male) hero in Campbell’s work. This essay suggests that Campbell’s theories present both possibilities and problems from the perspective of feminist analysis for the representation of woman as hero.

“From Archaic beginnings to Integral Feminism”

Conference proceedings from the 1st Biannual Integral Theory and Practice conference, John F. Kennedy University, San Francisco.

integral feminist panel

Integral Feminism panel, Integral Theory and Practice Conference

L-R: Vernice Solimar, Diane Hamilton, Elizabeth Debold, Sarah Nicholson,

Vanessa Fisher & Cindy Lou Golin.

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