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– Official Book Launch of The Evolutionary Journey of Woman: From the Goddess to Integral Feminism (updated with photos)
– C G Jung Society of Sydney – July Friday Meeting Presenter: Dr. Sarah Nicholson
– Beyond Awakening: Evolutionary Friendships that Face the Tender Messiness of Gender and Sexuality

– Guest Blog Post for Top o’ Mornin’ To Ya: Sarah Nicholson on the Books that have Influenced her Life
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– Guest Blog Post for Kindle Nook Books: Sarah Nicholson on Writer’s Block, Writing and Her First Book
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– Guest Blog Post for My Life in Books: 8 Things You Didn’t Know About The Evolutionary Journey of Woman
– Guest Blog Post for The Reading Cat: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Sarah Nicholson



Sarah Nicholson on the Books that have Influenced her Life


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Sarah Nicholson on Jonathan Franzen


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Sarah Nicholson on Writer’s Block, Writing and Her First Book


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Sarah Nicholson’s Practical Advice for Beginning Fiction Writers


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8 Things You Didn’t Know About The Evolutionary Journey of Woman


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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Sarah Nicholson


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(Updated, October 2014)

Below are some photos taken from the book launch of “The Evolutionary Journey of Woman: From the Goddess to Integral Feminism” happened last September 14, 2014 @ Gleebooks. The event was also the Sydney launch for “Integral Voices on Sex, Gender and Sexuality: Critical Inquiries” – Dr Nicholson’s edited anthology with co-editor Vanessa Fisher.


 The lovely author: Dr Sarah Nicholson


The attendees at the official book launch @ Gleebooks


Dr Nicholson as she welcome guests & participants

joanne fedler

Dr Nicholson with the fabulous MC of the event, novelist Joanne Fedler

kath mcphillips

Dr Nicholson with Dr Kath McPhillips, Author of Popular Spiritualities: The Politics of Contemporary Enchantment

book signing

Dr Nicholson doing the book signing




3:30pm – 5:30pm
Sunday September 14, 2014
Upstairs @ 49 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe


Readings & Book signing by Dr Sarah Nicholson

with MC Novelist Joanne Fedler

and performance by Singer/Songwriter Grace Turner

Dr Nicholson will also be signing copies of her newly released co-edited anthology

from SUNY Press

Integral Voices on Sex, Gender and Sexuality: Critical Inquiries


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This talk tells a story of the role of women in evolutionary history. Dr Sarah Nicholson speaks about the process of writing her book The Evolutionary Journey of Woman: From the Goddess to Integral Feminism and her journey to reengaging with the soul of her work. She advocates for the need for women to weave a web of stories from wise women of the past and the present, in order to create a divine horizon for women’s self actualisation.

coverwithauthor_smallDr. Sarah Nicholson explores human potential and flourishing from a female perspective. Her research was initially inspired by the work of Joseph Campbell on the hero’s journey. Like Campbell’s heroes she is driven by a sense of wonder and awe about the experience and purpose of living.

She has studied and practiced extensively in the traditions of Vipassana, Insight and Zen meditation and has published and presented research in Australia and internationally.

She presently teaches in the fields of religion and gender studies, literature and academic writing practice in Sydney, Australia.

Date: 11 July 2014
Time: 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Venue: Level 2 484 Kent St Sydney
Cost: Members $10 Non-Members $25 Non-Member Concession $20
Tea and Coffee provided

*Psychotherapists and other practitioners can obtain credit for Professional Development hours recognised by CAPA, PACFA and ACA for this presentation.

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sarah-nicholsonLast Sunday I was joined by Vanessa Fisher and Sarah Nicholson for a dialogue entitled “Sex, Beauty and the Power of Story-Telling”. It felt like a truly global conversation with Vanessa dialing in as she sat on the rooftop of her house in Nepal and Sarah linking in from Sydney, Australia where it was 3am!

Vanessa and Sarah are co-editors of the forthcoming anthology, Integral Voices on Sex, Gender, and Sexuality: Critical Inquiries, which brings contributors from across the spectrum of personal and political backgrounds, academic and practitioner orientations, and male and female perspectives.

vanessa-fisherI was curious about how their deep examination of women’s issues and gender and sexuality studies had helped them clarify how men and women can clear a space for higher friendship and collaboration. All our relationships (between women and women, men and men, and women and men) tend to be affected by undercurrents of seduction, competition, resentment, and covert sexual and power motives. This is a time in human history when we simply mustbegin to work together more cleanly and dynamically to heal our world. What had they learned? So I asked them to tell their personal stories to help us see how their rich academic investigation informs their actual living.

Sarah reflected on the dissonance of being a young woman and sensing that somehow her body was both overly desirably and at the same time taboo. Seeking resolution to that paradox took her from trance dance and psychedelics to mediation and comparative religious studies, and eventually to the work of Joseph Campbell. Throughout the exploration, her orienting question was “Who am I as a woman?”—a question which over time became less intellectual and more creative. Today, she says, it’s about soul work.

Vanessa described following “a thread of beauty” in her personal story. As a young girl, deep, shattering state experiences of beauty gave her a sense that all was well. However when she reached her teens, these same experiences seemed to contrast this perfection of existential beauty with the imperfection of her physical self, resulting in a sort of schizophrenic state. This rupture began to heal only after she was confronted with a harrowing archetype of the Ugly in the form of a physical ailment that altered her appearance. Eventually, she began to explore an integral view of how beauty manifests in all its splendor and shadow across spiritual, social, personal, and political paradigms.

During our dialogue, I felt moved to share the complexity of my own experience of feminism, particularly First Wave feminism. As a safe, seemingly “sweet new age guy” certain women used me as a man to whom they could finally dare to express their anger and resentment. And even though I was committed to the equality and flourishing of all humans, it was really challenging! I’m sure I felt as challenged by conventional gender narratives as some of these women did, but of course it was totally politically incorrect for me to express that; men were the “oppressors”.

Sarah and Vanessa appreciated this dilemma, and a rich exchange about the challenges facing men ensued. In putting together the anthology, they were not trying to present a neat package with clear-cut answers. The anthology includes perspectives that are opposed to one another, and points of view with which they don’t agree. Ultimately the whole topic is deeply “messy”.

The deep study of gender history becomes compelling when pursued in the interest of its potential to make us freer in all of our relationships, opening us to a field where we can truly meet each other. Such radical freedom allows for a different, self-transcendent kind of friendship, one that allows men and women to be fellow citizens of a world in crisis and to be brothers and sisters in an authentic collaborative way that restores the human family and works to heal our hurting world.

I invite you to listen to the entirety of my dialog with Sarah and Vanessa here.

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